Spa’s Inc. offers weekly pool cleaning and maintenance programs. At Spas Inc., we have a different philosophy when it comes to cleaning pools; since there are 2 parts to your pool, we have 2-man crews.


One trained technician is vacuuming, raking, and taking care of your pool while our other qualified technician is taking care of your filter equipment.

This way your entire pool and all of your equipment are getting professional attention every week.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Includes:
Skim, Rake, & Vacuum
Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets
Clean Filters
Check Salt Cell & Pump Operation
Test Water Balance & Add Chemicals
Cleaning Tiles

Leak Detection
At Spas Inc. we use state of the art leak detection equipment. First, we look at all the common places for leaks to occur, then we pressure test the suction and return lines. Once the leak is detected, we cap the line and fill the lines with gas and Pressurize. Then we use our underground listening device to locate the leak exactly. At that point, we get together with the owner and discuss the options to fix the leak and the cost.


Salt Cells
WOW! What a cool way to sanitize your pool. First, we soften your pool water by adding 100’s of pounds of salt. Then, we install an inline chlorine generator and control panel. Once the system is changed and the salt water passes through the chlorine generator, the generator produces sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). The result is a perfectly sanitized pool that is soft on your skin and gentle on your hair. The ladies love it!!! The best part is that technology on these cells has progressed so far that the price has come way down. Give us a call at 305-743-4973; we have these systems available, starting at $995.00, including standard installation.

Heat Pumps/Chillers
We offer heat pumps for sale in our retail store or completely installed to your existing pool equipment. We are authorized Aqua-Cal and Jandy dealers, and offer heat pumps in all sizes and price ranges. As a local company, first we come out to your site to size everything up and come up with the most creative and efficient way to install your heat pump. Then we give you a firm price and guarantee all work. Try and get that service from the internet, especially when you need service on your equipment!

And remember, we also have heater/chillers to cool your pool in the hot summer months to help keep our chemical costs down.

Filters and Filter Cartridges
Saw-Zaw Cutting Pipe

At Spas Inc., We Do Everything From The Smallest Repairs, To Major Filter & Heater Jobs. We Service Commercial As Well As Residential Properties. We Have A Fleet Of 3 Service Trucks Serving The Middle Keys. All Of Our Qualified Technicians Are Factory Trained.


We Do All The New Pool Automations So You Can Control Your Pool From Remote Locations. We Also Specialize In Salt Generators. Salt Pools Are The Newest And Best Way To Chlorinate Your Pool Efficiently Without Chlorine.

They Are Also Great For Your Skin And Easy On Your Hair.

Call Today For Pricing Or To Change Your Pool Over To A Salt Pool. And Remember, Have Your Salt System Installed By A Licensed & Insured Pool Company So All Your Warranties Are Good And You Can Enjoy Quality Pool Time With Family And Friends.

Supplies & Chemicals

IMPORTANT!! – We are one of the few fully-licensed and insured pool companies in the Keys. Remember to check and make sure you are hiring qualified technicians, or all chemical related hazards and equipment failures resulting in injury are the landlord’s or public pool’s responsibility and liability with all services.